Container Security

Securing the container pipeline, deployment environments infrastructure and the applications

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Complete Container Protection

Providing security to your custom images by scanning the container images and enforcing policies as a part of continuous delivery workflow.

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Code Security_20 - Continuous testing of code at every stage Mob
  • Detecting Vulnerabilities in Dockerfile commands

  • Base Image Scanning

  • Proper Description and Remediation of New Vulnerabilities

  • Detecting Unwanted Process Running in Container

  • Continuous monitoring for new vulnerabilities

Container Security- The Challenge


The Challenge

  • Ensure that your containers are not running with existing critical known vulnerabilities.

  • Developing a secure framework that prioritize the CVEs to fix all issues, raised after scanning the container images.



  • Implementing that solutions that provides defence in depth approach - e.g. scan all the time.

  • Forward information further left to developers to empower teams to make security fixes early and often.

Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities in Container


Securing Docker Images

Scanning Docker images at regular intervals to detect new and highlight existing vulnerabilities.


Building Dockerfile with Best Practices

Check Dockerfile for best practices w.r.t CIS benchmarks and build a secure image.


Securing the DevOps Pipeline

Shift left security by detecting known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and remediating them at earliest phase in the development workflow.


Monitoring and Alerting

Centralized view of the vulnerabilities with detailed description and remediation in the form of interactive visualizations and provides alerts for abnormalities.


Container Security Configuration 

Security context holds security configurations that are applied to a container. These settings are defined in PodSpec and ContainerSpec APIs.

Our Approach to Container Security


Container Runtime Security

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Monitor containerized workloads for unexpected application behaviour, crypto-miners, and suspicious activities. Monitoring and alerting includes: detecting attempts to illegally access files, detecting privileged commands execution, etc.


Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

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Integrate container security checks along the CI/CD pipelines to ensure that only secure workloads go into the production environment. These checks include checking for best practices in Dockerfile, image signing, image scanning, etc.


Scanning Container Images for Vulnerabilities

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Scan all running images at regular intervals to determine the new vulnerabilities that may have been introduced in your environment and also validate the remediation of the vulnerabilities that were detected earlier.

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