Encourages security adoption across the Software Development Lifecycle

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DevSecOps: Automation + Cultural Changes

Implement the security decisions at the same scale and speed as the development and operational decisions are taken

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    Increased Efficiency and Product Quality

    Detecting security issues and remediating them during development phases, which increases the speed of delivery and enhances quality.

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    Enhanced Compliance

    Security auditing, monitoring, and notification systems are automated and continuously monitored, which facilitates enhanced compliance.

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    Increased Collaboration

    Encouraging a culture of openness and transparency from the earliest stages of development with the integration of development, security and operations.

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    Continuous Security

    Security’ which includes the automated security review of code and automated application security testing.


DevSecOps Pipeline: Continuous Security

Providing continuous delivery to the end user with the built-in security throughout.
In DevSecOps Pipeline, Security is the part of the entire process, i.e., from backlog to the production operations. For the continuous security, vulnerability tests and the security assessments have been integrated in the CI/CD Pipeline.


DevSecOps Approach


Code Analysis: Deliver code in small chunks so secrets/ vulnerabilities can be identified quickly.


Threat Investigation: Identify potential emerging threats with each code update and be able to respond quickly.


Security Training: Educate employees on security risks and prepare every team for incident response.


Open Collaboration:DevSecOps creates the shared expectations for measuring success.


Proactive Monitoring:Automating continuous tests can help to detect the problems earlier before it becomes an issue.


Compliance Monitoring: Audit everything from code push to pipeline and compliance.

DevSecOps - The Future of Security

  • Automatically identifying and blocking next-generation software supply chain attacks with a malicious code injection.

  • Identify new vulnerabilities with code analysis, then analyze how quickly they are being responded to and patched.

  • Adopting the integrated process workflow and creating the continuous ongoing audits.

  • Detecting the vulnerabilities, prioritize them and provide the remediation accordingly.


DevSecOps Adoption


Security First


Risk Oriented Approach


Change Management

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