Infrastructure as Code

Adopting IAC to deliver quickly and securely

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Infrastructure as Code Security

Manage and provision IT infrastructure through the use of source code, rather than through standard operating procedures and manual processes.


Continuous Compliance


Continuous Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling


Data Encryption


Automated Monitoring and Alerts


Deliver Quickly and Securely

Building proactive security practices that give the developers an automated security recommendations to spot misconfigurations and know how to fix them, so they can deploy confidently and also authorizing developers to write and deploy code quickly.

  • metasecure-proactive-practices-for-reducing-risk

    Proactive practices for reducing risk

  • metasecure-recognizing-the-consequences

    Recognizing the consequences of releasing your code

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    Automated testing and policy management

Enabling Security in IaC

Proactively improving the posture of cloud infrastructure by scanning your pre-configured infrastructure and determine compliance before infrastructure is deployed.


Automated IaC Governance

Automating policies and configuration checks to save time and avoid manual evaluation and human error.


Governed in Code, secured in Code

Implementing the right tool to identify the issues with IaC templates/scripts and use the same approach to fix them.


Continuous Workflow

Setting up CI/CD pipelines with policies and configuration checks to validate each pull request and commit.

Delivering Secure IaC


Reducing Risks

Evaluating IaC with automated security processes every time before it is deployed.


Empowering developers to become more proactive

Eliminates manual code review and integrates through version control to continuously monitor IaC source code.


Decrease time and Cost

Including DevSecOps expertise and technology to detect misconfigurations as early as possible.

Use-case_009 illustration Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Why MetaSecure IaC?

Proactively Improve your posture of Cloud Infrastructure.


Prevent inappropriate configurations


Understanding Security Concerns


Implementing fixes more quickly amd faster

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