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Automating the Security Controls

Automating and enhancing the tests for the security testing and preventing the attack-surface of the serverless platform and enabling the automating scanning of the code and confidential information.


CI / CD Integration

Automating scanning with CI tools like Jenkins by adding security checks in CI / CD workflow to continuously check for vulnerabilities and mitigate the security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities at the earliest.


Policy Enforcement

Enforcing policies in CI/CD pipeline to prevent anything from being deployed, that does not meet the policy. Also scans for the anomalous function behavior and malicious inputs and limits each function to access the files, host, etc.


Vulnerability Scanning

Metasecure helps you to scan serverless functions for vulnerabilities, the scanning determines whether the detected vulnerabilities are associated with the function or function layers.

Secure your Serverless Platform

Least Privilege Security Principle

Maximize your security with Metasecure as it allows you to restrict privileged access to minimize the potential exposure from attackers and maximize the security.

Continuous Mitigation for Denial of Service Attacks

DDoS attack is the major threat for web applications i.e making the web apps to function improperly. Metasecure can help you to know how the requests can be automatically handled and monitored.

Overcome Serverless Security Challenges with Metasecure

Making the best use of serverless products and solutions including CI-CD, deployment, monitoring, orchestration of serverless functions.

Securing AWS Lambda Functions


Securing AWS Lambda Functions

AkiraStack Data Protection

Data Protection

AkiraStack Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

AkiraStack Compliance Validation

Compliance Validation

AkiraStack Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

AkiraStack Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis

Securing Azure Functions

AkiraStack Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and Logging

AkiraStack Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization

AkiraStack Azure RBAC

Azure RBAC

AkiraStack Limited Access to Resources

Limited Access to Resources

Securing Azure Functions


Securing Google Cloud Functions


Securing Google Cloud Functions

AkiraStack Identity Based Access Control

Identity Based Access Control

AkiraStack Network Based Access Control

Network Based Access Control

AkiraStack Using VPC Service Controls

Using VPC Service Controls

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