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Secure your applications with Metasecure by automatically detecting the security vulnerabilities in your dependencies.

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Monitor Continuously to keep your Code Secure

Metasecure offers you both container scanning and dependency scanning to ensure the coverage of all dependency types and covering as much of the possible risk area.

Metasecure Code Secure

Dependency Check

Broadening the security coverage and identifying whether there is a risk connected with dependencies inside your open source libraries.

Preventing New Vulnerabilities

Preventing new vulnerabilities from being introduced into the development process at any stage.

Runtime prioritization

Prioritize vulnerabilities on the basis of severity and impact to remediate vulnerabilities in business-critical applications first.

Detecting Vulnerabilities in your Dependencies at the earliest

Metasecure Detecting Vulnerabilities Coding


Detects insecure dependencies in your code at the earliest to save time and effort in the future.

Metasecure Detecting Vulnerabilities Code Management

Code Management

Scans your repositories directly on daily basis to monitor for the new vulnerabilities and maintaining your code healthy.

Metasecure Detecting Vulnerabilities CI CD


Prevent new vulnerabilities by automating the security checks during the build, test, and deploy phases.

Metasecure Detecting Vulnerabilities Live Environment

Live Environment

Continuously test your running environment to verify that there is no existing vulnerabilities and regularly monitor for new vulnerabilities.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Metasecure Software Composition Analysis

Dependency Scanning can also be considered as a part of Software Composition Analysis. SCA allows development teams to track and analyze each open-source component that is included into a project. All associated components, their supporting libraries, and their direct and indirect dependencies may be discovered using SCA tools.

Common Automated SCA Approaches are:

Examines open source components automatically.

Alerts sent and displayed for new vulnerabilities.

Continuous analysis.

Finds both publicly known and unknown security vulnerabilities in the source code.

SAST can be performed in various pipeline stages.

Can be integrated with other application security testing metrics.

Best Practices to Manage Dependencies

Metasecure Automating Build And Deployment Process

Compliance Management Automating Build and Deployment Process

Metasecure Use Latest Versions

Use Latest Versions

Metasecure Perfrom Regular Code Reviews

Perform Regular Code Reviews

Metasecure Use Dedicated Tools To Scan Dependencies

Use Dedicated tools to scan your dependencies

Metasecure Top Of Security Bulletins

Keep on top of security bulletins

Metasecure Pentest As Part Of Development Process

Make Pentest as a part of your development process

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