AkiraStack Aplication Security

Application Security

Embedding security in every phase of application development and providing complete protection

Get your Applications Secure with MetaSecure

Protect your applications from malicious attacks by detecting and fixing security weaknesses

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  • Prevent Real-Time Security Attacks

  • Secure Your Application Code

  • Ingress Traffic Filtering

  • Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanning

Why do you need Application Security?

Securing Applications – At Every Stage

Application Security_06 M Icon Secure Data

Identifying and Mitigating the vulnerabilities at the code level by static code review and adopting secure coding best practices to build a secure application.

Application Security_07 M Icon preventive measures

Performing interactive testing of an application and helping developers to do security-related modifications.

Application Security_08 M Icon Website Security Assessment

Continuous application security testing to safeguard the applications from external attacks and prevents any leakage of sensitive data.

Application Security_04 illustration Application Security

Protect yourself from Web Application Vulnerabilities

Discover Vulnerabilities that affect your application

MetaSecure helps you to get visibility on the security weakness of web application vulnerabilities. We help you to protect against the application security attacks within the whole application including.

Application Security_10 Icon Broken Access Control

Broken Access Control

Application Security_11 Icon Cryptographic Failures

Cryptographic Failures

Application Security_12 Icon Injection


Application Security_13 Icon Insecure Design

Insecure Design

Application Security_14 Icon Security Misconfiguration

Security Misconfiguration

Application Security_15 Icon Vulnerable and Outdated Components

Vulnerable and Outdated Components

Application Security_16 Icon Identification and Authentication Failures

Identification and Authentication Failures

Application Security_17 Icon Software and Data Integrity Failures

Software and Data Integrity Failures

Application Security_18 Icon Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

Application Security_19 Icon Server-Side Request Forgery

Server-Side Request Forgery

Application Security_09 illustration Protect yourself from Web Application Vulnerabilities
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Develop Secure Applications

Providing the best strategies to develop secure applications by continuously validating and testing the applications in different environments.

Application Security_20 Icon Static Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Test and analyze the application source code and detect security vulnerabilities.

Application Security_21 Icon Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Test and scan the running web applications and determine whether the application is vulnerable or not.

Application Security_22 Icon Web Penetration Testing

Web Penetration Testing

Performing a series of tests like information gathering, finding faults/vulnerabilities to maintain secure code development throughout its lifecycle.

Application Security_23 Icon CI - CD Integration

CI / CD Integration

Integrate the security best practices and security scanning in the CI/CD pipeline i.e the code is automatically scanned and security vulnerabilities are discovered while code push.