Enable Security in DevOps Environment - Adopt DevSecOps



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Enable Security in DevOps Environment - Adopt DevSecOps

You must follow these practices while adopting DevSecOps

  • metasecure-enforce-policy-governance

    Enforce Policy & Governance: Communication and governance are critical for DevOps environments—or any environment—to achieve holistic security. Create transparent cybersecurity policies and processes that developers and other team members can easily understand and accept.

  • metasecure-conduct-vulnerability-management

    Conduct Vulnerability Management: Before being deployed to production, vulnerabilities should be scanned, analyzed, and remedied appropriately across development and integration environments. Use penetration testing and other attack mechanisms to find flaws in pre-production code and suggest areas for improvement.

  • metasecure-adopt-configuration-management

    Adopt Configuration Management: Scan for misconfigurations and potential faults and correct them. Use industry best practices to harden all configurations. Provide continuous configuration and hardening baseline scanning for physical, virtual, and cloud assets across servers and code/builds.

  • metasecure-devOps-secrets-management-ensures-secure-access

    DevOps Secrets Management ensures Secure Access:Remove embedded credentials from code, scripts, files, service accounts, numerous tools, cloud platforms, and other places. This entails isolating the password from the code to be safely stored in a centralized password safe while not in use.

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