The Complete Guide to Application Security



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The Complete Guide to Application Security

Why do you need Application Security

  • metasecure-vulnerabilities-in-3rd-party-libraries

    Vulnerabilities in 3rd-Party Libraries:Organizations are using third-party libraries and applications because developing new ones takes time, posing security risks that can disrupt an organization's operations.

  • metasecure-lack-of-management-training

    Insider Threats:Many types of frameworks and zero trust policies are used by organizations to prevent an insider threat. However, it may still happen at a higher management level due to various reasons.

  • metasecure-difficulty-in-access-management

    Default Configurations are not Safe:Developers usually deploy an application in a production environment with a default configuration, assuming the vendor-released version is safe. However, there might be default user accounts, sensitive information leakages, or unpatched versions which possess a security risk.

  • metasecure-lack-of-relevant-skills

    Lack of Relevant Skills:The cyber security skill gap is a major problem for organizations as demand is greater than the supply. due to the lack of talent in the market, It becomes difficult to hire experienced professionals and they end up recruiting freshers or trainees.

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