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Kubernetes Security

Cloud, Managed and Application Security, Risk and Compliance Management, and Real-Time Monitoring Solutions.

End-to-End Kubernetes Security

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  • Automate Scanning

  • CIS Benchmarks Security

  • Penetrating Testing

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Auditing Kubernetes Cluster

  • Enforcing Best Practices

  • Scanning Running Images in Cluster

  • Visualizations of vulnerabilities

Security Approach for Kubernetes

Protect your entire clusters with runtime protection of kubernetes workloads by automating kubernetes security configuration and compliance.


Automate Compliance Checks

Automated compliance checks w.r.t to CIS benchmarks on each node to assess whether your cluster configuration meets the best practices with the detailed information on passed and failed requirements.


Policies Enforcement

Policies for k8s manifests, manual deployments, helm charts and operators for auditing the existing resources as well as enforcing the best practices in the kubernetes cluster for new resources.


Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses in the kubernetes cluster and test for the configuration issues in the cluster that can be exposed to attacks.


Interactive Live Dashboards

Real-time interactive dashboards for vulnerabilities and mis-configurations with detailed description and time based filtering.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Run automated scans to determine the vulnerabilities. Fetch all the running images in the kubernetes cluster and scan each image for vulnerabilities, providing the detailed description with the cve details.

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CI/CD Pipeline

Kubernetes Security_09 Icon Image registries

Image Registry

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Kubernetes Cluster

Run-Time Security

Continuously track the changes that have been made to the cluster and generate alerts for unexpected behaviour.

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Runtime Policies

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Real-Time Monitoring

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Secure Your Kubernetes Cluster

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Enable your teams to audit and secure your kubernetes resources for misconfigurations and security violations by integrating the security checks into the deployment workflows to prevent unvalidated workloads into the production environment.

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Network Management

Enables you to manage the network traffic more efficiently by allowing you to accept certain incoming traffic and outgoing traffic, and also limit the access to the sensitive information by implementing solutions that provide defense-in-depth.